Thursday, October 8, 2009

Creative Contrasting Fall Decor

I love the summer but when fall comes rolling in, it's the beginning of a whole new set of activities, foods, flowers, pumpkins, clothing, etc. Yesterday while taking a walk through a meadow I marveled again at how there is nothing quite as beautiful and stark as freshly fallen red leaves sprinkled all over green grass.

Contrast is the spice of life, and never more so than in nature's design. With that in mind and with Halloween and Thanksgiving looming ahead, I decided to make a patchwork fall table cloth, using contrasting fabrics. The sewing machine is upstairs in the third floor studio, and I kept having to try it on the dining room table, so I got a good workout running up and down the stairs.

That huge wooden table is from Mexico and I got it at Goodwill with two matching long benches and two side chairs for fifty dollars! When I got it home the table was missing the prongs on the bottom that hold it all together........I took alot of good natured heat for that from my husband who is always rolling his eyes at my imperfect used furniture finds.......but all was well when I called the store and they had them in a bag behind the counter......

How do you like those flowers? One trick I've always used is pairing fresh flowers with fake ones, for more va va voom. In this case the large sunflowers are real and the rest silk............Kind of like a padded bra........Haha! Anybody else out there have interesting decorating tricks up their sleeves?

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m1 Designs said...

What a fun project you did. We already have snow on the ground and it feels so very cold at 22 degree Fahrenheit.