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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Pat and Bird

Birds love my husband Pat. He had one last summer that followed him all over our property, every day.

Pat is the caretaking type. People and animals sense it and feel protected and safe in his presence. Personally I hang onto him for dear life....He's so calm and grounded and completely at ease.

To really drive this point home, when Pat was a young boy his cat crawled up into his lap and had kittens.

My daughter Katie gave Pat a bird. Whenever Pat walks into the room Bird just goes wild for him, singing at the top of it's lungs, and doing flip flops and summersaults all over the cage.

We're not too keen on the idea of keeping a bird in a cage, so Pat's plan is to tame it so that we can let it fly around, and then it will go on it's own back into the cage for food, water and to sleep.

Here is a picture of Pat putting his finger into the cage and Bird coming closer and closer to the finger...........

Our son says Pat is a chick magnet......


Anonymous said...

chick magnet. that's funny. birds are such amazing pets. :-)

Anonymous said...

awww this is so sa...weet!

when did you get the bird?


katie gave pat the bird a couple of months ago......

studio lolo said...

My kinda guy :)
I'm all about animals.

Thanks for stopping by. I can feel how big your heart is!