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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Busy Making Dolls for Sew Bee Mine

We are smack dab in the middle of a giant snowstorm. I've been really busy lately with my new venture Sew Bee Mine, which is designing and creating one of a kind wearable art aprons, bags, dolls, banner, potholders and more, using beautiful vintage and other unique fabrics.

Here's one of the cloth dolls that are coming to life in my studio these days. She is made with a vintage table cloth. Her name is Sweet Honey Bun Snow Angel. She is 22" high. Her hair and face are drawn with a sewing machine with fabric collage. Her hair and shoes are colored with fabric dyes.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Missing Dog in Malvern PA

My dog has been missing since the Friday after Thanksgiving. I thought she'd have made it home by now, but she has not. If by any chance you see her please contact the number on the flyer here.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Angel with Birdie Doll

Today I made an angel doll, holding a birdie.

It was fun to make her. The birdie is stuffed with lavender, so she smells as good as she looks. For  more information and pictures of the process head over to SewBeeMine.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Update on Sew Bee Mine

I've been selling things that I've made over the years at The Phoenixville Farmers Market. I took a break last year, and then came up with an idea to offer just things that had to do with food and cooking. So started collecting vintage quilts, embroideries, tablecloths, etc. to make one of a kind aprons, potholders and grocery bags. 

Saturday Oct 3rd, I began doing the actual work for Sew Bee far have gotten a blog up and going, created 9 one of a kind aprons with matching potholders, 5 grocery bags, and 10 potholders!

Check out the Sew Bee Mine blog. Here's one of the aprons and matching pot holder.

matching potholder
Embroidered Linen Apron

Friday, October 9, 2015

Sew Bee Mine

After a difficult, extremely stressful year, including packing up our entire home and my studio and moving twice in seven months, feeling so happy to have my creative mind back.

I've got a new painting on my easel! and getting ready to launch a new venture, Sew Bee Mine, creating beautiful one of a kind aprons and other sewn goods for cooks/kitchens out of mostly vintage fabrics,  I've been collecting vintage quilts, embroideries, appliqu├ęs etc.

Will probably debut at the Phoenixville Farmer's Market sometime before Christmas!

Monday, August 24, 2015

All You Need is Love

When our children were young and would learn of a "bad person" doing something awful on the news, I would tell them that most people were really upset by what that person had done and most peoples' normal reaction is to want to help.

I've always believed that the overwhelming majority of people are loving, beautiful, fair, kind, good and caring, etc.  Recent events in my family's life have demonstrated the absolute truth of that belief.  How wonderful is that?

Character attributes are generally taught to us by our parents. The best kind of teaching is by example. If you hold doors for people, your children see that and they do it.  If you care for people around you, and demonstrate that care with empathy and good will, so your children will learn.

It really all comes down to love, for oneself, the family, neighbors, etc and just keeps expanding into the world. Thoughts and actions of love are constructive of brother and sisterhood, peace, friendship and happiness.

I wish all these things to everyone.