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Friday, January 10, 2020

ArtyPantz Storytelling Events Booking NOW for Spring and Summer 2020

Here we go, into another year! 
Dates are still available for Going on a Sleigh Ride.
And I am booking NOW for Spring and Summer Shows.
email or call 484-356-8995

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Winter Solstice Celebration in Phoenixville

My task is to "bring the beauty" to this event.
Looking forward to decorating the space! 
The snowflake graphic got me started.....
This will be a beautiful inspiring event 
in a lovely setting with current and new dear friends.
Photos to follow.

Thursday, October 24, 2019

6th Annual Multicultural Festival Saturday Nov 2, 2019

 Diversity in Action is a fabulous organization/group in town. 
I used to be a sign maker and art director for a record store chain based in California (Odyssey Records) and those lettering skills 
came in handy to make a large (51" x 31") cloth banner for them, with a fabric panel of the world map. 
The longitude and latitude lines were great for machine quilting.  The letters were made with sparkly felt. The back is beautiful batik. 
My husband mounted the whole thing on a wood strip and added hooks to hang it from a rope.I also made a little sleeve to keep it in.
It was finished just in time for the 6th Annual Multicultural Festival!

Monday, July 1, 2019

Friday, June 7, 2019

Make and Take a Sun Spinner at Phoenixville Summer Solstice Celebration

Come make a Sun Spinner with me 
at the Summer Solstice Celebration.
All ages, all materials supplied.

Monday, March 11, 2019

Booking Now for Spring and Summer 2019

It's that time again. Booking NOW for Spring and Summer 
Click HERE for more info

also booking now for
Many stories to choose from. 

Click HERE for more information! 

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Booking Going on a Sleigh Ride for Winter 2019

Going on a Sleigh Ride is a fun and silly interactive theatrical storytelling event for young children......shoot me an email at or call 610-644-8088 to book for this winter. 

Participants choose which character they would like to be (bears, foxes, raccoons, horses, snow fairies, deer etc) As the story goes along, call and response style, they systematically pile into an ever expanding sleigh. The sleigh won't move until everyone is in!

Afterwards everyone makes a cardinal wand to take home....

 So much fun!