Saturday, December 20, 2008

paper portfolio gifts for kids

Here's some cute little gifts, custom made for my niece's children who we will be seeing tonight.

I just took those double sided pages of nice heavy patterned paper that you can get at any craft store by the padful, and folded them up to make little portfolios with pockets.

Holes were punched in the sides and ribbon tied to keep them closed. Rubber stamps, collage and the sewing machine were used to personalize the front, sew in the crayon pocket, and then I filled them with fun little papers and stickers found here and there, and really cute packages of star crayons from an etsy seller.

The pictures show three closed and one behind them open with the contents.

I'll tuck in a pair of little scissors into each one, and tie a ribbon on them with a glue stick tied into the bow. Ta Da!

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