Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Accessing ArtyPantz Productions LLC at Tax Time

Oh my. This is the time of year to prepare for the annual meeting with our accountant. It is amazing that every year I have no idea how much was made or how much was spent until this moment. One thing for sure is that its never any where near what I used to make in the field of sales. Leaving that for ART and KIDS was one of those defining moments that I don't regret. However I did choose the two most undervalued areas of society. The dollars and sense of it can be sobering.

Every year, despite the intention of having all my receipts organized by category and month, the reality is that they are stuffed into drawers, in the overhead compartment of my car, in a basket here and a vase there......also had to go online to print receipts and bank statements, etc.

Soooo, here I sit with a big mound of  them, separating them into piles, stapling them together, adding them up, etc......Got all that done!

Now moving on to figuring out how much money came through the door. I'm happy to report that in  spite of the economy, it was the best year ever.

Also looking at what has been accomplished/accumulated since the beginning of all of this, encompassing ArtyPantz and the WrapADoodle Swaddle Blanket.

  • Two established websites and two blogs, plus guest blogging on other sites
  • Five original, fun stories with positive, meaningful content
  • Many happy customers
  • Hundreds of beautiful handmade puppets, props, costumes, etc.
  • Everything needed to turn these stories into unique children's books....a plan for the not too distant future
  • a fully stocked art studio including EVERYTHING one would need to create ANYTHING! 
  • a fully stocked office including an amazing commercial printer
  • a fully stocked sewing studio including sewing machines, fabric, sewing tables, etc
  • inventory of original collage art paper dolls, coloring  books and more
  • a comprehensive library of art reference books
  • designed my own fabrics for WrapADoodles to be printed on organic cotton
This was the best year ever and feeling  very positive about what the future holds.