Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Seized by A Rainbow Idea

As some of you know, or maybe not, I have over 300 handmade puppets, props and costumes tucked into crates, suitcases and bags, and four stories in my head. I take various parts of this collection to schools, libraries, community centers etc. and conduct interactive theatrical storytelling events with people of all ages.

Participants choose the characters they wish to portray and then together we tell a story. Afterwards everyone makes their own puppet to take home! It's so much fun, super creative and happiness for all. The stories have virtuous themes such as generosity over greed, friendship, plus unity and cooperation.

I have two shows on the mermaid/ocean theme, one called Hooray 4 Bugs, and a winter tale Going on A Sleigh Ride.

I have an idea for a NEW show and am working on it now, so it will be ready in the spring. It is for ages 2 through 6 and is a call and response kind of singing story about all the colors of the rainbow. The kids will pick the color of the rainbow they would like to be. Each group of colors will sing a song to another group, asking them to join until all the colors of the rainbow are in!

I designed the CUTEST little capelet costumes with pointed hoods and pom poms and am in the process of making about 12 per six colors........out of fleece! Adorable! Fleece was on sale for half price so that was a good sign.......I bought a total of 36 yards......and that is alot of fleece.

Also working on getting The Interfaith Golden Rule Coloring Books into stores......

It's wonderful up here in the studio with the windows open. Great weather!



Mandala Michelle said...

Your new idea sounds like a lot of fun. Do you take your shows to schools?

Artist Victoria O'Neill said...

yes, schools, libraries, community centers, parties, etc. you name it i go there.....!

Loni Edwards said...

What fun! Yes, I have my windows open to, though my "studio" is just a small space in my living room :)

m1 Designs said...

Wow, that is a lot of things to keep tract of and stored. Your new idea sounds great. Hope all works out well for you.

Liz said...

Good luck on your shows. :)