Sunday, December 14, 2008


So, I roll into the FB Festival last night, after being a snow queen at the Newtown Square Library......all excited to take pictures of the I could put them on the blog. There were so many Kodak moments, including the protesters there with humongous signs damning the event as amazing young woman hula hooping, Lisa's beautiful phoenix tiles, and much more.

I pull out the camera only to find that the batteries were dead.

The same thing happened earlier when I tried to get a picture in Santa's lap....

The FB Festival was wonderful, and one thing that was just in the air like crazy is that people were calm and happy. Even though the economy is in the toilet, it seems as though the psyche of the country has returned to some kind of equalibrium since the election.

Here's' a wonderful story from the evening. A mom came up to the little elf display with about 6 kids of various ages and bought them all firebird wands......Each wand is glued onto a giant craft stick handle, and the words "Let Your Light Shine" are stamped on the stick.

One of the kids, about an 8 year old girl, read the words out loud and asked "What does that mean?"

I smiled and answered "It means for you to let your light shine."

"What light?"

I put my hands on my heart and said "Your light. The light inside you."

"I have a light inside me?" she asked incredulous. She looked down at her chest, searching.

"Yes, inside you, it's your heart, your soul, your love, that's what it means, your special light, like who you are."

The concept seemed to be digesting behind her beautiful eyes, and then she smiled, waved the wand in the air, and moved along with the rest of her family back into the crowd.

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