Monday, August 24, 2015

All You Need is Love

When our children were young and would learn of a "bad person" doing something awful on the news, I would tell them that most people were really upset by what that person had done and most peoples' normal reaction is to want to help.

I've always believed that the overwhelming majority of people are loving, beautiful, fair, kind, good and caring, etc.  Recent events in my family's life have demonstrated the absolute truth of that belief.  How wonderful is that?

Character attributes are generally taught to us by our parents. The best kind of teaching is by example. If you hold doors for people, your children see that and they do it.  If you care for people around you, and demonstrate that care with empathy and good will, so your children will learn.

It really all comes down to love, for oneself, the family, neighbors, etc and just keeps expanding into the world. Thoughts and actions of love are constructive of brother and sisterhood, peace, friendship and happiness.

I wish all these things to everyone.

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