Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Summer Fun With Kiddos From All Over The World

Admiral Giddy-up and the Seahorse Brigade to the Rescue,
protecting the mermaids and fish in the boat from hungry sharks.
Trash Talking Pirates and Their Parrots 

This summer I'm so happy to be back working/playing with kiddos from all over the world again as part of the English Language Learners program sponsored by the Delaware County Intermediate Unit. So many beautiful accents! Here are a couple of pictures at the stops along the way so far.....

I really wish there were more pictures, but I can't do these shows AND take pics myself. These are from some of the teachers, kind enough to email them to me. :) Still have more places to go over the next couple of weeks, and hoping for more photos. Lots of people are taking pictures. This is my second summer with this program and we are already planning for next year.

Yesterday I was with middle and high schoolers and we had a blast! There is nothing cuter than a teenage boy wearing a mermaid tail and holding a baby mermaid named Bald Beatrice, pretending to be her father.

Now back with elementary aged students, really having a ball with them at various locations.

Making Seahorse Puppets After the Show
Chinese Seahorses!

Laughing his head off Pirate!

Pirates, a Seahorse, Octupus and some Mermaids with Babies

Also had a sweet happy time at The Gingerbread House last week in Fairless Hills. This is my sixth visit there! It is so nice to travel around to familiar places and see some of the same kids year after year. They all remember which stories they have been in and which parts they played. Here are some of the colors in Come Joint the Rainbow, arguing about which one of them is the best! Of course each one is important, but you have to come together to make a rainbow........

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