Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Tomato Hats for How Does Our Garden Grow

Wow! really busy getting How Does Our Garden Grow? show together.
Right now I'm finishing up the Tomato hats.........just came in from trying one on a preschooler just waking from a nap at my local Goddard School. It fit perfect and was just TOO TOO CUTE!

So much is done! but need to finish up the lettuce aprons, some last minute details on the stuffed carrot "backpacks",  finish watermelon costumes, finish pea costumes and wristlets, finish corn and corn stalks, design and make bee ties and a few more things.

What is done is:
groundhogs, deer, stink bugs, birds, butterflies, strawberries, ladybugs, worms, sunshine, love, watering cans, scarecrows, farmers, flowers and seeds. Scroll down to see pics of some of these things.

Show debuts next Wednesday morning TWICE! Two groups of 60 kiddos each. Yikes! 7 days to blast off!

Friday I meet with Sandy, the musician for a final run through with all the music. On with the show.

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