Thursday, August 16, 2012

Sew Bee Mine Logo

Anything that is worth doing takes a lot of work, and this is really ringing true with the line of sewing patterns I am in the process of creating. I'm really excited about this, because once I have a template in place for how to do it, how to lay it out and illustrate the first one, then the rest should be much easier.

I really wanted to use my little bee drawing (sewing bee) for the line, because I want the little bee to be sort of animated in the patterns, giving tips, etc throughout.

So I have been waiting for the perfect, untaken, name to pop into my head. As you can imagine everything and anything that has to do with sew and bee is taken. But just the other night it came, literally in my sleep. Love the dreamworld so much!
Secured! Now it's full speed ahead. Yikes!

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