Saturday, August 18, 2012

Fabric of Peace II Quilt Square representing the Baha'i Faith

The Fabric of Peace is an on-going project begun in 2008. Women artists from around the world are making individual fabric swatches to create  traveling quilts.  This is a positive statement by women, connecting our shared interest in keeping peace in the world.

The originator of the first Fabric of Peace quilt is Valetta, current president of  the Regional Center for Women in the Arts, located in West Chester, PA.  This amazing quilt is currently on display at  Reformation Evangelical Lutheran Church. The church is located at 102 West Rose Tree Road in Media, PA. 19063. 610-891-0600

The quilt is beautiful and huge! There are so many squares, each one completely different, and just spectacular and beautiful all together. Here is a picture of it in the process of being assembled.

I am delighted to be contributing a square to the second quilt, Fabric of Peace II. This quilt has an interfaith theme, and my square represents the Baha'i Faith. I cannot wait to see the other squares, and help put it all together.

I made a collage, then printed it on fabric, cut it to pieces, added other fabrics, reassembled and machine appliqued, using lots of different colors and kinds of threads, then sewed tiny glass beads around the nine pointed star. The nine pointed star is a universal symbol for unity, and is also the recognized symbol for the Baha'i Faith.

This image is from a scan, and the square is too big to fit on the scanner, but just imagine the yellow around the side edges being bigger and you've got the whole aysymetric idea.

This quote is from The Promise of World Peace, such an inspiring and uplifting document.

The way I got involved with The Fabric of Peace was by meeting a lovely woman at a party of a mutual friend, and she just happened to be organizing Number II, and invited me in. Sure thing!

When completed, the Fabric of Peace II will be displayed first at local churches, synagogues and mosques and then at sites around the United States and abroad.

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