Monday, November 28, 2011

Hand Turkey

Here is an except from my Creative Blast column on Handmade in PA today.

 While drawing this hand turkey for today’s blog post, I just had to laugh. At the age of 16 I picked up a pen one day, started to draw, and knew how.  At the time it was generally assumed by all that I would grow up and become a writer one day, which come to think about it does seem to have come true after all. But drawing kind of took over there for awhile, and then onto painting, and fiber art and on and on.
Anyway, I illustrated many of my teenage poems and stories with simple line drawings. A family artist friend, the now famous Pennsylvania born and bred Kitty Wallis (known for her beautiful pastels and pastel paper she invented) commented that there were no hands on any of the people. Look Ma! No hands!

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