Friday, July 15, 2011

The Day I Painted The Ceiling of my Husband's Cadillac

My column, Creative Blast is live today on Handmade in PA. Here is an excerpt:

My husband Pat has twice now gone out to buy a work truck and come home with a Cadillac. The first time it happened he left in the evening to go to a car auction. He came home in the middle of night and woke me up.

“Hmm”, I asked sleepily, “Did you get a truck?”
“No. I got a Cadillac.”

He was really excited about this car and had to show it off right then and there. We went outside and there it stood, light pink, in the driveway, sparkling like a glass of champagne in the moonlight.
He opened the passenger door for me, and we admired the leather seats and the inlaid wood on the dashboard.

“Watch this!” He backed up several yards, then opened and closed the trunk from that distance with a press on the keys. This was many years ago and quite the big deal at the time……..

The next morning we took Champagne for a twirl. One of our daughters was in kindergarten and home sick that day, so we sandwiched her in between us in the front seat. She threw up all over the dashboard about a mile into the trip, and Pat yanked off his shirt to mop it up without missing a revolution of the tires.

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CrazVideos said...

I don't know where to write this... but I really like your work!

Artist Victoria O'Neill said...

thank you!