Tuesday, June 1, 2010

There is No Comparision Between a Plane Crash and the BP Disaster

I keep hearing people compare the catastrophe in the Gulf Coast with a plane crash. Such as, when we have a plane crash we don't shut down the airlines........

Hello! A PLANE CRASH IS NOT A LARGE SCALE ENVIRONMENTAL DISASTER! Oil doesn't fill up the ocean for miles and miles after a plane crash. We don't throw chemicals on a plane crash with no idea of what the long term effects of those chemicals are. Plane crashes don't put millions of peoples' health in jeopardy, and wipe out a myraid of industries and livelihoods for an indefinite period of time. Plane crashes don't competely dessimate miles of coast and marshes. People can't smell a plane crash for miles and miles. Plane crashes don't have disasterous long term effects on humans, plants, marine life, and vegetation for centuries. I could go easily go on and on and on. THERE IS NO COMPARISON!


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