Saturday, May 22, 2010

Handmade in the USA

Here is one more example of how out of whack things are in this world. And it really says it all.

British Pertoleum and their corporate practices killed eleven people last month, and are in the "no end in sight" process of killing marine and wildlife, killing vegetation, polluting the air, basically destroying the ocean, the earth and all living things therein. Why, because money makes their world go around and they didn't want to spend it on safety.
Meanwhile, the Consumer Product Safety Commission is breathing down the necks of hundreds of small businesses that lovingly handcraft beautiful things for babies and children, attempting to lump them in with the big corporations, such as the ones who imported mass produced lead laden plastic crap from CHINA.
CPSC has legislation on the table that may be forcing ridiculous testing and other regulations that will put talented and caring American artisans and craftspeople out of business. At a time when unemployment is a real issue for many families.

Please join the Handmade Toy Alliance and get this legislation amended. There will be a segment on 60 minutes tomorrow night about it.

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