Saturday, December 12, 2009

Today is the Firebird Festival

Today is the FireBird Festival.......hope to see lots of happy faces there, glowing in the firelight when the bird is lit at 8:00 tonight. Events are scheduled throughout the day. Click here for the blow by blow description of what all the wonderful, creative people involved in this special day are offering for every one's entertainment. This is really community arts at it's very best.
If you are a kid and made a lantern, meet up with us at 7:15 in front of the Colonial Theater for the parade! This will be the first annual Children's Procession of Light! and I'm getting all choked up thinking about it.

Remember to dress WARMLY. I'll be wearing the usual Firebird Festival garb: high quality long underwear from head to toe as in upper and lower body, head and neck, gloves, and then pretty fun wild and sparkly arm warmers, pants, a skirt, two sweaters a long wool coat and a purple hat with sparkly green foliage and a purple bird. Ta Da! Warm, toasty and colorful. It is a celebration so keep that in mind too.

I'll be there from about 3:00 on setting up my artisans booth with wonderful handmade items for all. The artisans bazaar is open from 4:00 on into the night. If you're in the neighborhood, Stop by and say hello.

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Sasa Peace Rocks said...

Wow, so cool!! How was the FireBird Festival? It sounds wonderful! ~ Peace Sasa