Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Last Post This Year on the Firebird Festival

The Firebird Festival was fantastic. The Fire Dept estimated about 5,000 people gathered to watch the bird burn. It was cold but not as cold as years past. It was a crisp and clear night and everyone was happy.

It was so good to see kids walking around carrying the lanterns they made the week beforehand. Unfortunately, The Children's Procession of Light didn't really materialize as envisioned, because it was nearly impossible to round the kids up for the parade. We were to meet in front of the theater at a certain time but not many managed to show up.

The parade itself was kind of strange in that there didn't really seem to BE a parade. Suddenly the bird puppets took off and some of us went with them.......I heard later that we went at the wrong time. Oh well, next year it will be better, now that we are experienced.

The Artisans Bazaar was fantastic and people bought up all birds from the ArtyPantz booth in a period of about one hour, so that was wonderful. In fact planning to make more birds and offer them for sale at Stay tuned for that. Some people who own an art gallery bought one, and asked me to contact them so they could sell them in their gallery. Ho hum. I bought up a bunch of fabric yesterday to make birdies galore.

All in all, the Firebird Festival is a fabulous example of what community art is all about. I can't wait for next year!

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