Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Heading out to vote this morning, I’m wondering about this whole “Take Back America” movement. It seems to be people who basically want everything to be the way it "used to be", whatever that means…….On the other hand, many people say they want change, but I’ve learned that people actually resist change, no matter what they say.

The fact is we simply can’t go back, just as we can’t bring back our breath after we exhale. We have to take a new breath.

Life is a movement, a spiral that just keeps on going. Part of this movement is America and the rest of the world, moving forward, as into the future. There is just a natural unstoppable force that pushes and pulls us forward, even though many are ranting, raving and hanging onto the status quo for dear life all the way.

The American Dream that everyone is grieving the loss of is imploding. The concept of every man for himself is over. Wake up and smell today's coffee. WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER! The you can do anything you want in America and make a lot of money, and spend it on yourself via an extravagant lifestyle is really the most boring, useless, immature concept ever. It’s so yesterday! The measure of success has changed dramatically. Things do not make people happy, plain and simple.

I’d love to see America lead by example. Just as individuals need to look inward and improve their own conduct and character instead of complaining about everyone else, so should our country focus on becoming, among other things - socially, educationally and economically just and demonstrating true respect for the natural world. That is the updated and forward thinking American Dream.

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