Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Omo People

This amazingly beautiful video really sparked a smoldering flame in my heart. because I have been a staunch supporter of and advocate for kids drawing on themselves all my life. It's a primal and beautiful inclination that adults scold against, which always make me cringe with dismay.

Why not draw on yourself? What possible harm is there in it? This is one of the most creative activities known to mankind for ages and ages. Adults get worked up sometimes over the completely wrong things and this is on the top of the list. I know many reasonable, so called peace loving parents who let their kids play Grand Theft Auto, yet will get riled up about their kids writing on their bodies, clothes and shoes. These same parents buy expensive clothes and other products for their kids with corporate logos and slogans written all over them.............What is the world coming to?

When our son was in the eighth grade he mentioned at dinner that one of his teachers had angrily told him that she never wanted to see any drawings on his arms ever again. He had drawn some kind of a tattoo design the night before, at home, so it wasn't like he was doing it in her class while she was teaching. And quite frankly it was a pretty nice drawing but that is entirely beside the point.

There is a long tradition in my family of parents calling the school to defend forward thinking, common sensical non-traditional thoughts and actions, and I fell right into line. I called her the next day, assuring her very politely and with the utmost kindly tone, that it was all right for him to do this. She began to protest, but I pulled rank, gently informing her that as his mother, an artist, and art teacher I yes indeedy had the proper authority to make such a call. And that was the very end of that.

Sooooooo, when this amazing video came down the pike this morning I watched it with the proper awe and happiness.



Unknown said...

"Artist Victoria O'Neill" has been included in this weeks Sites To See. I hope you like the image I featured, and I hope this helps to attract many new visitors (not to mention customers!) here.


Nancy Bea Miller said...

Eerily beautiful. I wonder if this is everyday practice or just on occasion.

Sasa Peace Rocks said...

Awesome video! I love how expressive it is.

Lenox Knits said...

gorgeous. And i love your story about your son. I love parents who defend their child's right to express themselves. Why do some adults insist on forcing kids into a box?