Thursday, June 25, 2009

SCREAM SCREAM You Know What I Mean

You may have heard the true story that a Pennsylvania woman is facing a jail sentence for swearing at a toilet…….and wondered if it was this Pennsylvania woman. A toilet was overflowing, she went off on it and was arrested for disorderly conduct. It wasn’t me BUT

I do swear for emphasis, have tried repeatedly to curtail the practice, and continue to fail every day. For the past three weeks I’ve had a paperwork problem to put it mildly with the company that processes my credit card transactions and an old bank account. This has been a real exercise in restraint and I’m proud that no swearing has occurred, so far, that is publicly.

Maybe it’s a self delusion that I’ve become more loving, relaxed and accepting in my old age.
And so on it goes.. …I’m trying to practice the Golden Rule…..well right about now that’s a joke and a half.

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ArtistUnplugged said...

It does sound very, very frustrating and good for you for urtailing the curses!!!! Keep up the patience. I always tell my husband and kids that if getting mad would fix it, then I would. I understand though....