Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

This is a painting that our youngest daughter did when she was about six years old. It hung in our kitchen for many years, and then I swiped it to put in my studio since it’s one of my favorite paintings of all times. She was pretty much born with a crayon in her hand……This is her final year in high school and after much consideration she finally accepted the offer from The University of The Arts in Philadelphia to pursue a degree in illustration.


Margo said...

What a wonderful picture. That must be an exciting time with your daughter going to college next year. I have a couple of my daughter's paintings that truly are my favorite possessions (they're probably not going to art school - unless there is some late blooming talent and passion that develops!) Please enter me in your contest. I have you on my blogroll if that counts!

mwmdesigns said...

Lovely, Victoria. You are such a good mom to keep treasures like this one. Stuff like this gets swept away by throwing-outer folks like me!
Congrats on University of the Arts choice. What a great opportunity.

mwmdesigns said...

BTW, I love the wrapadoodle pics on your site. Those babies look so comfy!

m1 Designs said...

How wonderful that you kept this to display. You must be so proud of your daughter starting college soon.

tashabud said...

It sure is a cute drawing. Will you be featuring some of her latest work in the future? Just very curious to see how much she has progressed since then. It's neat that she takes after you in the artistic talent.