Friday, March 20, 2009

Making a Prom Dress

Even though our youngest doesn't believe in the senior prom, she's going to it with her boyfriend, and has strong, specific ideas about the dress. She doesn't want it to look anything like your typical prom dress. Hello, she's an artist too and headed for a not yet chosen art school next fall.

So last night we went to get a pattern to use as a base for her vision, and fabric. It's going to be a simple, elegant black dress with unique short "sleeves" sort of. The dress will be topped off with an eggplant sash and she'll wear a matching orchid in her hair. She's drop dead gorgeous in a bathrobe and the tallest girl in her high school, so it should be a stunning combination.

The plan for the making of the dress is that I'll just sail through the process, it'll fit perfectly and she'll love it. The flip side is that she'll be upset and in tears and we'll be yelling at each other the entire time. I'm hoping for the best, of course.

I remember going to a senior prom. I was a freshman and my date was not just the class clown, or the school clown, but the Town Clown - the State Clown, the Country Clown, the World Clown, funniest person EVER, truly as funny as Jim Carey. Everyone within eye or earshot of him was always LingOL. I wonder what ever happened to him? After this post I'll Google him. Come to think of it if he is not a famous comedian he is probably dead. He was just that kind of person.
We went out to a fancy restaurant with my date's best friend who had an entire flock of ducks on his property, one called Broken Wing who had chased me into a creek and bitten me on the arm about a week before the prom.
We were quite the unsophisticated bunch, and since Mr. Funny was presiding over our table we were laughing at every single thing that happened, really making a complete spectacle of ourselves. We ordered beef stroganoff without the mushrooms.
We finally made it to the prom, stayed for about fifteen minutes, then left and went to the beach. We built a fire, sat around it talking and of course laughing till we hurt, and I played in the waves holding my dress up to my knees.

Anyway, my mother made my dress for the occasion. It didn't look anything like a traditional prom dress either.......and a little water splashed on it didn't bother it a bit. .......and so the beat goes on.

The cookies arrived! The ones from Betty Mae Bakery that cost a penny for a sweet dozen. They came in record time, beautifully packaged and most importantly, absolutely delicious!
The one cent special is almost over.
Betty Mae Bakery = YUM!


Gail H. Ragsdale said...

Big chore making a prom dress! Hope all comes out okay and that your daughter loves it!

ArtistUnplugged said...

My mother made my prom dress too, white eyelet with criss cross, ruffled straps. I had chosen a pattern for her to make my wedding gown but later decided it was too much for her at the time to do. Good luck with the dress, sounds great....expect photos!

Michelle Baird Designs said...

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m1 Designs said...

What a huge undertaking and if all turns out well it will be so unforgettable for your daughter.

Anonymous said...

I didn't make my daughter's prom dress. I don't know how to sew. Like your daughter, she didn't like a real prom dress so I just bought her a simple straight dress.