Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Hello Government Officicals: Pay Your Taxes Just Like We Do!

I can assure you that if my husband and I owed back taxes to the federal government, THEY WOULD BE GARNISHING OUR PAYCHECKS!

Tom Daschle just withdrew from consideration for the post of Secretary of Human Services, over his belated payment of $128,000 in federal taxes. Huh?

This issue just keeps coming up with government officials. What are these people thinking? And why aren't THEIR wages garnished?

This is just so annoying, disheartening, discouraging, and disgusting!

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Anonymous said...

Victoria, we here in Africa have lived with gov't corruption and different rules for Them and Us all our lives.
Sadly, many citizens of 1st world countries like the US and UK still naivelly believe that their governments have their best interests at heart and will be basically honest....NOT !
All governments farm their citizens like cattle, milking them dry...:(
Thanks for the lovely blog !