Monday, February 2, 2009

Random Things About Me

This is somewhat of a cheesey exercise that many of my friends and family members are partaking in, and I've joined them. So here goes with the 25 random things about me:

1. I love easily and have great affection/empathy for many people including some that I don’t even know.
2. I’ve moved at least once per year, a few times three times per year from the time I was born until about age 25. When I was a child I used to wake up in the morning and try to guess where I lived and what school I was going to, before opening my eyes. Sometimes it took a little while to get it right.
3. I experienced six miscarriages before finally having three children, and attribute the successful pregnancies to homeopathic treatment.
4. My aunt has a winter photograph that she sent to my mother that she took of me and my two older brothers when we were toddlers. On the back she wrote “Vicky insists on wearing her hat cocked to the side"
5. I was walking down a semi rural street one day at age 19 and a creepy man pulled up alongside of me. He leaned over to the passenger side, pointed a big gun out the window at me and snarled at me to get into his car. I figured if he was crazy enough to shoot me in the back in broad daylight while I was running away from him I certainly wasn’t going to get into his car. So I turned and ran. He drove away.
6. I don’t believe in routine anything because routine means without thinking, especially when it comes to medical procedures.
7. I hate to be cold, and wear long underwear from September to April, even when I lived in California.
8. I could very easily spend every single waking moment, all by myself, making things. I’ve thought about having an art studio outside my home, but my husband says I’d never come home and he would have to come and get me every night.
9. I took an IQ test on the internet for fun, and my husband answered the questions I didn't know the answer to. The results: We are a genius.
10. I dream vividly, constantly, fantastically and memorably.
11. I spent a year in my mid 20’s traveling through Mexico, Central America and Belize with the sole purpose of going into small villages and making kites with children.
12.I avoid activities that require measuring tools and/or protective gear.
13. Creativity courses through me constantly, like a garden hose on full blast, which is a very wonderful thing and a very awful thing.
14. My parents pushed an old piano off of our very high deck in the middle of a redwood forest, just to find out what it would sound like when it hit the ground.
15. Most of my life everyone thought I was going to grow up and be a writer.
16. I have camped at and hiked deeply into just about every National Forest and many State Forests in the United States.
17. When paying attention, I can usually solve the Wheel of Fortune word puzzles in a few seconds.
18. I was playing the recorder in the woods one day and a bird landed on me.
19. When I was 15 we lived a few blocks from the beach and used to cut through the woods to get there. I skinny dipped in the ocean with a group of friends late one afternoon. Two cops showed up and stood on the beach, next to our clothes, waiting for us to come out of the water. My friends turned themselves in but I went underwater, and swam far away from the shore, around a long and huge rock jetty, into the yacht harbor, crawled up the boating dock ramp, and ran home through the woods to successfully avoid being arrested.
20. Once in that same house, my father chose me, excitedly waking me in the middle of the night because he thought that UFO’s were landing on the beach. The entire sky was pink and full of lights! He pulled me out of my bed and down the stairs, into the car in my pajamas. We high tailed it down to the beach, leaving my mother, two sisters and three brothers home and asleep in their beds. As it turned out a boat had capsized and the Coast Guard had shot up hundreds of flares……..
21. Mothering was a lovely cuddly happy breeze for me until they hit the teens. Ever since then I’ve been baffled, bewildered, and thrown off balance.
22. I used to be really thin, and now I’m not.
23. I love to sing but according to those around me, it sounds terrible.
24. I am absolutely proficient at carrying items (bucket of water, firewood, food, baskets, clothes, etc) on top of my head, hands free, for long periods of time, which is something I learned while living south of the border.
24. I recently found out that the blending of one’s senses together all at once, as in the act of seeing, feeling, smelling, tasting and hearing colors, words, anything and all things simultaneously, that I have always experienced, is actually some kind of neurological “disorder.” called synesthesia. That explains why I am often overwhelmed with being alive.


ArtistUnplugged said...

Oh, wow, that was very interesting. You would find my life boring in comparison though I don't think I am a boring person!

Patricia Kavanagh said...

Cool! I must try that sometime.

Patricia Kavanagh said...

I've changed my blog from Patricia's Home Blog to Patricia's Art World. Trying to get it up and running now. Patricia

Anonymous said...

Very interesting! I hate being cold too and sleep in sweats and sweatshirt with a ton of blankets while my husband kicks off all the covers!

Artist Victoria O'Neill said...

The 25 Random Things About Me is really a fun thing to do. Thanks for reading it and for your comments. :)

Artist Victoria O'Neill said...

patricia, your blog is awesome.I have tried to leave comments on your blog, but they keep being rejected saying i have to be a team this intentional, or just forgot to hit the button to enable comments.....also no way to email you either.......