Monday, July 1, 2024

Black and White Drawings by Artist Victoria O'Neill

Drawing is the foundation for just about everything creative that I am engaged in. I started out drawing at age 16, just picked up a pen, started drawing and knew how!

For many years black and white drawing was Queen, then around age 22 started to paint, then got into fiber arts, dipped back into painting, then learned more fiber art mediums. Sketching out ideas has been constant throughout all this but now thinking about doing some serious drawing again!

Yesterday I was "supposed" to be doing so many other things, like clean up my studio, but decided to design a new rug hooking project instead. While sketching it out went a little sideways and figured why not just make this into a fine art drawing? Looking at it now realizing that this might even make a nice painting at some point.

The basics of this image will be used now for a pattern for a hooked rug wall piece.  Rug hooking is portable, something to do while tending Art on Bridge Gallery. I am a resident artist there! 

                         Art on Bridge Gallery
                                               252 Bridge Street Phoenixville PA

 My work is always there 
and I will be there in person 
from 11 to 3 every Sunday in July 2024

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