Monday, December 12, 2011

handmade Holiday Cards

Designing and making your own holiday cards goes hand in hand with being an artist. I’ve been making mine forever, in one form or another. I did a few silkscreen ones over the years, and some block prints. Among others, I’ve made some birds out of sheet music and salt dough mermaids. It’s nice to make your card serve double duty as an ornament, which can be easily achieved by simply tying a piece of ribbon on it, or inserting an ornament hook.

A memorable card one year was a painstakingly carved linoleum print cut with a picture of Santa and what was planned to be Ho! Ho! Ho! Uh Oh! The entire thing had to be carved all over again when the first print out of the gate shouted !oH !oH !oH. That was a hard way to learn to carve words in reverse. Ha! Ha! Ha!

Here is the beginning of my card for this year. Technology has made things a little easier. If I knew how to use Photoshop it would be real easy, but I don’t. Instead I drew this birdie with my own real hands and a pen, and colored with Prisma markers and used a rubber stamp to make the words. The words were stamped on a piece of paper, then cut out and glued into place. The bird was scanned into my computer, and copied and pasted to put three on a page. Then printed!

All those pencil and eraser lines don’t matter because each one will be cut out. I’ll be punching a hole in the tail and tying on a piece of ribbon or raffia. These will be going into the envelopes along with my annual winter brouchure mailing next week. Anybody out there making cards this year?

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