Friday, June 24, 2011

More Prints on Etsy for Sale

Been so happy and busy playing with my printer, selecting images to make into prints and posting them on etsy. I bought a big laser printer last year and got on a service program where even though I own the printer I pay per copy. But I don't pay for the toner. And believe me I plow through the toner like crazy so it's worth it. Each one of those colors is over a hundred dollars each and I've used probably twenty of them already.

Anyway, In addition to collages now I'm adding drawings...........these just print up so nicely on the 5" x 7"  size. I can't wait to take all these to my little art booth at the Phoenixville Farmers Market.

Here are a couple of mer cat pictures, black and white and color! Both prints available now in the store.

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