Friday, November 21, 2008

Making Spectacular 3D Paper Snowflakes

Last night it began to snow - the first snowfall of the year. I basically endure winter to get to the other seasons but there is really nothing more serene than to be in a warm cozy house looking out the window at falling snow. The flakes are coming down pretty big right now.........
Several years back I was walking through my local elementary school and stopped to peek into a classroom door to say hello to a favorite teacher. The room was full of beautiful 3 D snowflakes hanging from the ceiling. She told me the kids made them. I asked if they could show me how and they did.
Since then I have made these snowflakes with many groups of adults and kids. Everyone loves them! They are huge! and spectacular! Here's a video on how to make them.
Make a 3D Paper Snowflake - wikiHow


Anonymous said...

You know I love them, I still have the one hanging in my house from LAST winter!!!

Kim said...

hi Victoria
your blog is now listed in the Top Artists Directory....
you will find a selection of codes for badges there too :)
enjoy your weekend :)
cheers Kim

Pandi said...

wow list on top artist.. congratulation ;)