Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Fall Poem

Fall is such a beautiful feast for the senses. I invite you to post what fall does for you.....Click on comments and type away! Here's my poem about fall.
Hello and Good-bye

Wake up
and go outside
Dive into a pile of leaves
Take in a mouthful.
Swallow the

Mud on your cheeks
Leaves on your lips
Colors melting in your eyes
Red lit leaves
Fire hot chili
Candy apples
Hard red shine
Red paintbrush on the canvas
Red everywhere
Only red, red and more red

It’s the tree
in my front yard right now
Redder than red
A hundred shades of red on a single leaf
An orchestra of red
The clash
of red’s mischievous cymbals
interrupts the silent green meadow

Orange tree
Standing next to red
Orange lifesavers
Pumpkin red headed siren
Sweet potato pie
Orange lingering
on the way to yellow
Lemon light

Yellow hello
Looking up now
A swipe of Blue sky paintbrush
Divides the treetops

I wish for every child
To get on a school bus
each morning
and have some loving body
there in front of the house,
Watching the noisy yellow
roll away down the black street,
waving and smiling

Kids at the back shouting
Heads crowded into the window

And be there
when they come home.
Waving and smiling again.


Artist Victoria O'Neill said...

hi just testing to see if this thing works!

AlexT said...

Hey Victoria, this is a lovely poem. And here I was thinking that you only painted and created great visual art.

Opening minds all the time...