Friday, March 3, 2023

Artist Victoria O'Neill at Barnstone Live Art Spectacular

Update: These are before and after photos of the two collages made for Barnstone, created and got them into the frames and ready for auction in 45 minutes! Was happy to see many people bidding on them.

 I am looking forward to creating a couple of collages in real time at this event! Click here for details  or click on image below.

388 West Pothouse Road Phoenixville PA

A Spectacular Art Event Where Artists Create Original Artwork...LIVE!

Art | Food | Drink | Online Auction | Music by DJ Minty Fresh

During the event, spectators have the rare and exciting opportunity to watch artists move through their creative process, witnessing sketches evolve into completed artwork that is immediately available through an auction! This event consists of two 45-minute rounds where 20+ artists will work in various mediums to create one of a kind art on the spot! 

Artwork created by children from the Barnstone community 

will also be on display and for sale.

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