Sunday, September 25, 2022

Hooking My First Rug

It's exciting to be working on my first hooked rug. I am obsessed with this new medium. Once the sky is completely filled in a border will be added. I designed it so that parts of the branch and bird will extend into the border. This is 100% wool and when finished will measure 14" x 20"

I have been working with bird images lately so it was a natural progression from painting them to drawing one on special rug hooking linen to hook.  

I posted a picture of the bird on linen to some rug hooking group pages on FaceBook and have so far had about 400 people love/liking and many comments, and so am considering selling patterns of my designs. My daughter knows how to get images into PDF files so people can just download, print and tape together. 

Once the drawing was done the hooking began. 

It was a challenge to fill in the inside of the bird because was using wool from an upcycled skirt that was pretty thin and it kept fraying, but the color is so nice just had to keep with it. 

I went to a 4H fabric sale (twice!) this weekend and picked up enough wool to last for the rest of my life. 7 full loads in the washing machine and dried in the dryer. 

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