Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Thank you and Farewell from ArtyPantz Storytelling Events

Thank you to all those throughout the years who welcomed ArtyPantz Storytelling Events into their schools, libraries, community centers, churches, daycares, malls, senior centers, summer camps and homes. 

What began as a small summer storytelling event in Cape Cod in 2003 grew over the years to include 6 full stories with hundreds of handmade costumes, props and puppets. Many miles were traveled from place to place and about 80,000 people participated. Everyone just loved to play!

 It's been a a fabulous journey filled with fun and happiness, but it's time to say good-bye. 
Pieces of the dream were tossed, donated and gifted here and there. 
I saved the scarecrows and put them in our garden.
And was unable to part with the fabulous rainbow skirt.

and just have to keep the glow in the dark jellyfish earrings. 

So, off to new creative adventures in the very near future. 
Periods of incubation invite illumination. 
As always, following that light where ever it takes me. 

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