Friday, October 6, 2017


It was fun to participate in recent community event sponsored by Anns Heart in Phoenixville. Representatives of various non profit organizations came together for an evening of rock painting. 

We did this last week in the auditorium of the old Sacred Heart School building, which is where Ann's Heart is located. There were so many people there painting rocks! There was huge spread of food, plus beer and wine. Food, drinks and rocks all donated by local businesses. 

The idea was to paint the rocks and leave them there to dry. Once dried each organizations' website was put on the back.  The rocks were hidden around town this morning for people to find. 

I painted these rocks as a representative for the

If anyone finds one of these or one of many others out there, I hope they take a photo of it and put it on FaceBook. You can keep it or hide it again for someone else to find. Here is the website about it 

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