Monday, December 8, 2014

Taking a Walk in Our New Neighborhood

We bought a carriage house to live in and just moved in the day before Thanksgiving.  The house is on top of 8 horse stalls and a large three car garage. The stalls will be made into a giant art studio/living space. The garage will be a wood and metal workshop. It's a wonderful adventure for our creative family. The property is a bit over two acres and zoned agricultural so we are thinking about what we might grow in addition to our own vegetable garden.

I am learning all about chickens at the moment! We have plenty of room for them to roam free. I do love birds. I actually found a magazine about chickens called "Chickens" !

One of the reasons we chose this place, aside from it being ideal for living and working, was the location location location. It's in the country but literally a ten minute drive into town. Today I took a walk around the block, and here are some pictures. There  are only a few houses along the way, most down or up long driveways. Due to respect of the privacy of our neighbors I didn't photograph the houses. But oh my, here we go. This was about a mile all together. It was the middle of the day. Saw a total of two cars.

This was coming out of our driveway and heading down the road a piece

glancing to the right as I go down the street.

turning to go down this long lane, to get to the "main" road.

 After going down that beautiful road I made it to the "main" road" and turned

got down the road a ways and turned again,
there's a huge pond on the corner, often filled with geese/ducks. 
Note: Yesterday while walking by there, hundreds of them took off at once,
and flew overhead. The sound was like twenty 747's taking off.
One of them pooped on my hand.

now heading back up the hill towards home.

moving right along.

and turning back down our driveway!

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