Saturday, November 30, 2013

Making Cardinal Wands for The 37th Annual Kimberton Waldorf School Craft Show

I'm looking forward to being in this show again. For the past several years it has conflicted with my calendar but not this year.

I love this show so much, and even those years that I have not had a booth, I still go to it to buy presents.

I used to drive all the way from Philadelphia to it with my children when they were very young, just so they could shop in the little Children's Village there. It's the cutest, loveliest tradition for the school. All the gifts are made by the students and offered to young children to buy for their family members. Adults do not come into the village. Each little shopper makes up a list (with parents help) and is given money to spend, and then they take a (real) basket in their hand, and are guided through the Village by an older child. Each gift is carefully chosen and wrapped! and they come out the other end of the Village with a basket full of the sweetest little gifts ever….such as tiny candles made inside walnut shells, a little knitted gnome, etc.

This year I've finished making all my bird wands for the Firebird Festival, and had the idea to make some cardinal wands for this show since it is at a school and there are lots of kids who will be there. So I am in the process of making them right now.

These are on 3 foot dowels. I will be making some on shorter dowels too. I have some other things for kids too, such as sweater balls made with all the left over scraps from scoodies and arm warmers. Also some queen bee necklaces, and indoor snowballs.

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!

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