Sunday, March 17, 2013

Deer and Watermelon Costumes for How Does Our Garden Grow

This weekend was spent designing and making the deer costumes for the How Does Our Garden Grow show.........The deer try to attack the garden but the scarecrows will protect the plants! I love the little vests! They were made with outdoor canvas so nice and stiff. I walked around the fabric store for an hour to find just the right fabric. You can't tell from the photo but some of the vest fabric is on the little ears too.....

 I have the watermelon designed but only one made so far.....including the little slice wand.

Carrot costume is designed too but not quite finished. It's a stuffed carrot that will be worn/toted on the child's back! So cute. Pictures coming soon, and stay tuned for the strawberry costumes!

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