Sunday, November 4, 2012

Bird Wands for The 1012 Phoenixville Firebird Festival

It's that time of year again....for the 9th annual Phoenixville Firebird Festival. The 2012 Phoenixville Firebird Festival is coming up on December 8th. The Firebird Festival is a community arts event in the truest spirit of the word. A huge wooden bird is designed and built by many hands. On the eve of the Festival, it is lit with a torch and burns while thousands of people watch it, clapping, cheering, laughing, crying, dancing…….It’s quite the vision, to see something burning and it being a good thing. There is a Facebook Page for the festival with many photos and updates being added on a regular basis. The event planners are expecting over 10,000 people this year.

 There is a new bird every year. This year’s bird was designed by Bret Williams, a senior at Tyler School of Art. It's almost finished, thanks to all the volunteers who have been building it for the past month or so....

I am busy making my traditional bird wands to sell at the festival. I hope to have 500 made! These are on 36" dowels. There will be some smaller/shorter ones for younger kids too.

Angela C DiSanto stopped by the ArtyPantz booth last year and took this picture.

I will be offering other birdie items too, in addition to wearable art accessories and more.  I LOVE the Firebird Festival!

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