Monday, October 29, 2012

Fabric of Peace Quilt II

Last weekend I met with some of the other contributors to the Interfaith Peace Quilt to help decide which square should go where.......laying it out for volunteers to sew together.

I can't do that part because it requires measuring and precision, and the chances of everything lining up to fit are nil. But I will be back to help with the quilting of it. That in itself will be a community art event.

I love so many of the pieces. This particular square really sums up the whole message, and we decided to place it in the center. The squares are 8 across and 12 down. A big statement!

Check out my article with more pictures of the quilt at handmadeinpa


Shahin said...

I found your site searching for a quilting pattern for a nine pointed star. I'm working on presents for Ayyami-Ha and am so inspired! Love the quilt and the idea behind it. What a wonderful way to promote peace. So glad I found you. Now I'm a fan and though I live across the country I will be following you now.
Shahin in Oklahoma

Artist Victoria O'Neill said...

Shanin! glad to meet you!