Thursday, June 21, 2012

Hooray 4 Bugs! at Barlow Flower Farm in Sea Girt New Jersey

I'm heading down to Sea Girt NJ tomorrow to enjoy the beach for a day before doing Hooray 4 Bugs! at Barlow Flower Farm on Saturday June 23rd at 11:00. Click here to go to their home page and then to information about the show.

Barlow's has 28 greenhouses and over an acre of outdoor growing area. Specializing in propagating seeds and cuttings, Barlow’s produces up to 70% of the flowers and plants sold and used by the company throughout the year and continues to be one of New Jersey’s largest retail annual growers.

They also recently added an enchanting children's garden that I can't wait to see.

Hooray 4 Bugs! was so sweet today at LaMott Library/Community Center. I was there last year for Come Join the Rainbow and we had a good time then too.

The library itself is teeny tiny, but it's attached to a fantastic community center and that is where the show took place today.  We were tucked into a cozy, nice and cool, air conditioned room today. Wow, what a shock when we opened the door and went back into the real world of 100 degrees!

Here are some pictures of the colorful bug and butterfly wands that the kids made at the end, as part of the show. It's just so nice for them to make something and take it home with them. They were such a sweet and rambunctious group of kiddos!

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