Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Finished My First Crocheted Rug!

I learned so much making this. (See previous post about the workshop.)

Next time I'll cut strips and join them as I go along, for a more integrated look, instead of the defined blocks of color.

Next time I will use all the same kind of fabric, for consistency.

Next time the rug will be round, with colors growing like a mandala.
Overall this one turned out pretty well for the first crack out of the gate. As it turns out it just happens to match our kitchen and fits right in front of the sink for a cozy place to stand while washing the dishes.

 I love to crochet! It IS easy :) afterall.



supplies overflowing! said...

This is fabulous! I find crocheting to be pretty gratifying as a whole, but I don't think I've ever made something with such a big hook! You've done really well-

Artist Victoria O'Neill said...

oh thank you so much jenny. i'm about ready to start on rug number two any minute now!