Sunday, January 22, 2012

Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen Crochet Rug Making Workshop

My mother taught me how to sew in the third grade, and many thanks to her, I can really make just about anything that involves a sewing needle, sewing machine, etc. Most of my fiber art experiences have been extremely positive, including cloth dolls, toys, clothes, mobiles, costumes, puppets, curtains, flags, quilts, hats, upholstered furniture, and sew on and sew forth. I just finished making a big stuffed ball out of old sweaters for my grandson for his birthday today!

But in spite of my best efforts, all attempts have failed with crochet. Got a CD. Failed. Took a class. Failed. I’m so sick and tired of hearing people say how easy it is to crochet. I HAVE CROCHLEXIA, but am bound and determined to overcome this learning disability.

I’ve always wanted to make one of those crochet rag rugs, so was delighted to find out about the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen’s Crochet Rug Class coming up in February. It's in Narberth, a sweet town to spend an afternoon in. I signed right up for it.

Hoping for the best! It appears to be just one stitch and you just keep on doing it, creating a long rope which you sew together! Easy! We’ll see.

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