Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Outdoor Craft Store in Swarthmore

Here are some pictures of fellow Pennsylvania artisans at The Outdoor Craft Store in Swarthmore on Saturday! Please check out the stores that go along with each vendor.

Here's Pidge Molyneaux, just happens to be someone I've known and loved for many years. She was my next door neighbor :) I have two of her beautiful one of a kind necklaces, and an eyeglasses holder....Check out her store on Etsy at

Here is the lovely and talented Kristen Solecki
Check out her website.

Check out for Upcycled, Vintage Inspired Accessories, Gifts, Etccetera

 Lisa works mostly in woodcuts 

 Liz Guer is an illustrator and plush creationist. 
Each one of her plushies are one of a kind and come from her illustrations. 

Ian from Bentwood Bands is shown here with some of his beautiful headbands and sweet little carved animals, including rabbits and goats......
Here is a close up Ian's ecofriendly wooden headbands. They are made with various woods and are amazingly flexible, naturally adjusting to the head they are on.

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ArtistUnplugged said...

Looks like some beautiful, creative art pieces. I too was at an art show this past weekend and posted of it. Hope you are doing well!