Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Name the Womannequin

It's so fun now to be working on one of a kind wearable art pieces to offer at various venues this fall, winter and beyond. Loving my new serger, and using the other regular machine, my trusted partner in sew many endeavors. Now playing with all the unique bits and pieces of fabric collected over the years, making waist purses, belts, scoodies, skirts, tunics arm and leg warmers, and more.

I really wanted a unique womannequin to use for photographing and as a model in my booth, so went on ebay and presto there she was, for 45 bucks! She's just perfect to model everything. In fact just realized I may have to start making some hats!

 She's about an hour away, in New Jersey, just have to go pick her up and bring her home. Not sure what her name is going to be yet.


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