Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Million Minutes for Peace

 Just came across this fabulous global peace effort called A Million Minutes for Peace.
This is an impressive collective with many avenues of action. Here is just a smidgeon.


1. Believe peace is possible. There is great power in thought.
2. Meditate or pray for peace. Reinforce your beliefs with prayer or meditation.
3. Greet every situation with an open heart. Embrace life as a wonderful adventure to nurture and grow. Walk with peace in your heart.
4. Speak kind words. Tell those you love how much they mean to you. Find occasions to give compliments. And when you encounter negative words or actions, let them challenge you to rise above and respond with kindness.
5. See things through the eyes of others. Live with compassion. Imagine the experiences of others and it is likely you will gain insight into how to treat people more lovingly.
6. Respect all those you come into contact with. Celebrate the beauty in all of our differences. Pray for your enemies so they are no longer enemies. Love all of humanity.
7. Practice Forgiveness. Forgive people for their faults and shortcomings and learn to forgive yourself as well.
8. Lead by example. Show others how to be peaceful by living a peaceful life.
9. Share the wealth that is yours. Each of us has something to give. Look inside and find what you have to share.
10. Pay it forward. Commit random acts of kindness whenever you can.
11. Live the "Golden Rule." Just about every religion has its own way of expressing the Golden Rule, "Do Unto Others...." Can you imagine if everyone did this?

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