Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Will the Real Mother's Day Please Stand Up

It's two days past Mother's Day and just today mailed the package with the present that will get to my mother in a week. I tried to call her a few times on Sunday but her phone was always busy, probably the other kids calling to successfully wish her a Happy Mother's Day, on the Real Mother's Day. I never made it through, and forgot all about it yesterday. I just tried to call her tonight and the line is busy again!

Fortunately, she is not the type to get upset over this and that's good because neither do I. I have made my mother a special gift for every Mother's Day since I was old enough to hold a crayon, and will continue to do so till I can't. Who cares when she gets it. Not her. Not me.

I was planning to mail the gift package last week, but couldn't find a box that fit, then couldn't find any bubble pack, then when I did and got it wrapped up nice and safely, the UPS store was closed.....so decided to mail it but kept forgetting to put it back into the car.

Today when I handed it over to the mailman at the post office and told him it was a Mother's Day gift he laughed and said that somebody had just come in with the same kind of package.

Our daughters called me on the Real Mother's Day. They made me beautiful artistic gifts like they always do. One of the gifts will be mailed in a few weeks and the other one was one piece of a set that will come later as well. My husband and son gave me a GPS gadget. A few nights earlier we all went out to dinner together, and called it a Mother's Day dinner.

One of our daughters, who is named after my mother, lives across the country minutes from her. She joined my mother and my sisters for a Mother's Day brunch, and I'd asked if she'd deliver the Mother's Day message. Apparently when my daughter, sisters and mother are together they feel like I'm with them.....because my mother and sisters remind my daughter of me, and my daughter reminds my mother and sisters of me......
How saaaaweeet is that?

My mom's line is busy everytime I call her......but maybe tonight I can get through to wish her a Happy Mother's Day! It's today isn't it?


Kristin said...

Help! I can't find the code to paste your button to my blog.. can you help me? I want it for both of your blogs.. I can't find?!
Can you email me the codes?


Many thanks!

Artist Victoria O'Neill said...

the email addy you gave me keeps saying undeliverable.....