Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Out with the Old and in with the New Salad Spinner

So, here's a picture of that old yucky plastic not so fantastic salad spinner that got sat on, stepped on, or used as a frisbee and cracked........and below is my new and vastly improved stainless steel Polder Salad Spinner from CSN stores. I received it from them in exchange for writing a review about it. That is so saaweet! because I really do love it and here comes my review. Happiness abounds on both sides, truely a spin, spin situation.

Being an artist, I like the way the new one looks, so much better. It's functionally designed better, hands down. It also takes out more moisture. And has a lid! So you can keep your lettuce in it after spinning it all and taking out what you need for the salad at hand.
The bowl is nice enough to use as a real salad bowl, especially when taking it to a potluck. Thank you so much CSN.
And oh by the way, they have fantastic bar furniture too..... and hundreds of other products....... wow wee!
It does look very sharp doesn't it?
Get one for yourself.

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Art4Sol said...

What an upgrade! Looks like it could put up with even more abuse!