Saturday, January 2, 2010

Hummingbird Hat

For a long time I was really into mermaids, and created a whole line of Swinging Tail Paper Dolls called the Magnetic Personalities . These dolls are still for sale on my website, including but not limited to a Mae West Mermaid, Frida Kahlo, the Statue of Liberty and more......But for the past year or so birds have taken over.
Come to think of it all of those mermaid paper dolls do have maybe this Year of the Bird that I feel coming on isn't really much of a leap.....haha! In a couple of weeks or so I'll be a adding a whole collection of everyday bird ornaments called "Little Birdie Sing to Me" to my etsy store. Stay tuned for that.
Right now I'm in the process of designing a large painting of a woman with phoenix wings for an art exhibit in February!

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Loni Edwards said...

Love it! Your work is so cool! Happy 2010!