Sunday, December 6, 2009

Finishing the Balloon Lanterns

The Lantern Making Workshop at the library was fantastic. We had about 100 kids and parents make lanterns for the Children's Procession of Light at the parade for the Firebird Festival. For those of you who made them, if you have any questions please email me at and I will respond pronto.

What a wonderful group of people. It was a blast, and then to top off the excitement, it started to snow. We watched the flakes through the windows as we made lanterns from 10 to 4:30. I was on my feet for the entire day and didn't even notice it.
Of course I actually charged the batteries in my camera and took it with me, and managed to shoot a couple of pictures right in the beginning and then forgot I had it. Now I can't find it to upload the pictures that were taken.......Shoot! Cameras and I are like oil and water.

Anyway, each lantern was placed into a plastic bag to take home and hang to dry. Here is one drying. The knot of the balloon went easily onto a hook that was already there in a window. The ones that went home from the library had a piece of raffia tied to them to hang.
Once the lantern is dry, and I mean completely dry, then pop the balloon with a pin. It will make a POP! noise then a loud and wierd sucking sound as it shrivels up, like the melting of the wicked witch of the west in the Wizard of Oz on fast forward.

The sides of the lantern may suck in too, but not to worry. Once you take the shriveled balloon out you can just put your hand in and smooth the lantern back to shape.

Then punch holes in either side and tie the raffia handle on, toss in a battery operated votive candle, and you're ready to roll. Please come to the Colonial Theater at 7:15 on the night of the Festival, with your lantern to meet for the parade.......!
If the weather is iffy, check the Firebird Website for updates on whether or not it will be postponed till the next weather permitting evening.

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