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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Peace on Earth Birds for Firebird Festival

I designed these little birds to make and sell at the Phoenixville Firebird Festival this year. They're made with beautiful contrasting embroidered drapery fabrics, sewn together and stuffed. The tails are made of flat ribbon tied into pom poms. The eyes are tiny seed beads sewn on to both sides of the head. The hangers are made with wire, beads, and jewelry making tools. I recently took a class on how to make earrings and the wire bending techniques really came in handy for this project.

The first picture shows a bunch of them in gift bags, made from bigger gift bags. Peace on earth was stamped on pretty paper and glued onto the side of the bag. The sparkly nesting material is a nice finishing touch! What a nice gift.......I'll make extras to give to special friends and family....

I bought a live tree with wispy branches to hang the birds on, out of the bags. There will be some birds underneath the tree in the bags.....That will make a lovely presentation.

Hope everyone can make it to the Firebird Festival on December 21st. Every year it just gets better....

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Pencil Sanity said...

Beautiful Birds. They will adorn a tree wonderfully.